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1901 Roscoe Avenue
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AJ Yusten - 9/21/23

Rating: 10 out of 10

Very friendly, knowledgeable, and hard working staff. Thank you!!

Kim Johnson  - 9/15/23

Rating: 10 out of 10

Recommended from a family member, we will continue taking our dog here for years to come (despite living in Minneapolis) because the service is worth the drive.

DeAnna Wilson Bygd - 9/11/23

Rating: 10 out of 10

You were very thorough with explaining the breaks in Gemma’s left hip and put my husband at ease with your decision and the med regimen for pain. Will recommend to other pet parents!

Wendie Christianson - 8/22/23

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Zumbrota Vet Clinic continues to provide excellent care for my beloved 8-year-old dog, Ace! Ace has received annual care, care for his hot spots and ear infections, & even a dental cleaning. He most recently had ACL surgery and shortly afterwards had a tumor removed. Dr. Neitz provides cutting edge surgical techniques to ensure recovery is as quick as possible. Dr. Quillen's compassionate & gentle ways helps ease Ace's anxiety of going to the vet. The doctors and the vet techs (We love Kelsey, Tina, & Elissa!) are wonderful about providing detailed explanations & ensuring all of my questions are answered. They are quick to respond to my emails and even call to check up! I truly trust them. "Only the best for my Acey Boy"....and this clinic's reassuring ways & compassionate care make me know we are getting the best care! I highly recommend Zumbrota Vet Clinic for your furry friend! ~Scott & Wendie Christianson


Deb Navara – 8/22/23

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Great staff, very friendly, fast service, caring, let me know price up front before doing service, letting me make choice as what steps to take. Followed up with phone call to see how he was. Will use again.


Walt and Mary Allen – 8/16/23

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Dr. Nietz, Dr. Quillen, and the Veterinary Technician have provided Henri Allen (Yo-Chon) with the best loving care possible for several years. Tuesday, August 15th he passed away at the age of 16+. He was diagnosed with congestive heart failure in June 2020. With the staff’s professional care, Henri continued to enjoy a happy and loving life after the diagnosis for 3 years. The normal life expectancy for a dog with heart failure is 6 months to 2 years. I am very thankful for the care that the doctors and technicians provided so that we could enjoy Henri as long as we did. Thank you, staff members! Walt and Mary Allen


Isabel Nunez – 4/20/23

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AMAZING PLACE!! Very very friendly


Alyssa Flettre

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Everyone was so amazing and talented at Zumbrota vet clinic! I was extremely impssed with the staff and how well they did with my pet pig. Domino is very happy and doing great thanks to everyone at Zumbrota Vet Clinic!


Clare Oconnor

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Was a very good experience for myself and my dog is doing well after his surgery thank you for getting us in so promptly!


Sonia Furini

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Each person we have interacted with has been exceptional! We appciate the attention, care, and thoughtful follow-up they have given us after each visit and surgery. They seem to know that pet parents worry, and they called us during surgery to let us know how things were going. The post-op visit provided x-rays and discussion with the surgeon, and instructions for follow-up care. They are really great!!!


Deborah Huebner

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We took our 7month Mal-shi to get her spayed decided on laser. Her incision is so small and was herself the next afternoon. The staff took the time before surgery and then after surgery to go over her care. Called the next morning went over my concerns. They are all great!! #1 in my book!!! The Dr called me after surgery explained everything. Took the time to talk about other pventative meds for Heartworm. Would highly recommend this clinic very reasonably priced too.


Pamela Kessler

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I was visiting from out of town when my dog ate some grape jam, started vomiting, and had loose stools. Despite the fact that he was not a regular patient, we were squeezed in that afternoon for blood tests and recommendations as to what to do over the weekend. He did fine, but we appreciated the expert care and advice.


Natalie & Scott Shaske

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This family veterinary clinic is so worth the drive! Please consider Zumbrota Vet Clinic for your pet. We drive from Rochester to this clinic because of the high level of care and concern shown to our dog, Molli. We have been to several Vets over the years in the Rochester area and this is the first time that a vet called us personally to talk about our concerns. It made all the difference in the world for us. They truly are exceptional people who go out of their way to provide quality care for your family pet!


Suson Walsh

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The staff at Zumbrota Vet Clinic are always friendly and compassionate about my pet. They are knowledgeable and listen to what my pets issues are. I have been taking my lab retrievers to them for 20 years and I always feel like I am their only client. They always have time to answer my questions when I call or return my call as soon as they can. If my pet is seen for an illness they call later to see how she’s doing. I just can’t say enough about how super everyone is and how much I appciate them! Thank you all for keeping my pet healthy and happy.


Candace Closner

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Excellent care and follow up


Teresa Majerus

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Was great to be able to get a short notice visit for a sick puppy. All staff are very nice and take good care of a sick pet.


Kevin Cardille

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I am always pleased with the care and thoroughness of all staff with my little Buddy


Kim Cote

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Dr. Nietz and staff have been taking wonderful care of our critter family for many years! Our pets have always received caring top notch care and staff have always explained things thoroughly. A little gem in Zumbrota! Thank you for all you do!

published Posted on 02/17/2022 7:35 PM


Lisa Smith

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So grateful for all the staff at Zumbrota Veterinary Clinic. They addressed every concern and question. Performed a thorough exam of my puppy and provided me with additional supportive resources. Above all they show genuine concern and compassion for my fur baby. It's clear to me they want the best possible life for both of us. Thank you!


Rex Wiederanders

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Outstanding people at Zumbrota Veterinary!! Always very friendly and they treat our pets like they own them. I cannot recommend this veterinary more highly. I just love them!